Marie-Lise Baron

Founder & Senior Creative Director

Senior Interior Designer

Marie-Lise Baron is a French-Canadian designer renowned for her unique aeronautical, exclusive signature, commercial and residential design projects. She graduated after specific private classical studies in Quebec City and Montreal, Canada. Living her passion for this magnificent three-dimensional art, she created her own design firm to offer professional and aesthetic expertise in 1993.

In parallel, and for many years, she also transmitted her talent by contributing to the development of interior design classes as a teacher for the International Academy of Design and Technology of Montreal. In 2004, she supported the international company Fruits & Passion as Designer and Chief Project Manager for canadian and international markets. She created many commercial projects and furniture, including one at Maison & Objet, in Paris. Marie-Lise Baron has reached a higher level in design and architecture, and developed an additional design specialty in interior and exterior of aeronautical projects. Bombardier Aeronautic had the privilege to work with Marie-Lise Baron, and she continued to raise her excellent reputation with her private jet customers with whom she now works as a private jet designer.

In 2021, she founded THE BARON INSTITUTE, the International Design Institute of Luxury and Private Jets, which is the first and most unique program in the world in the Aerospace Industry, specializing in the luxurious world of Private Jet Design services. The Institute was founded to offer captivating online education to aspiring Private Jet Designers, to better serve the Global Aeronautic Industry.

Determination & Loyalty

What allows Marie-Lise to offer such a unique and personalized art creation for each customer is not only her determination and loyalty, but also her high intuition to understand and meet one and all’s needs and aspirations. Put together with her personality, unique talent and outstanding dedication to each project, it makes her a reference, a person and a designer that can be trusted.

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