Ecological Transition Program

Every moment is a fresh beginning.

Marie-Lise and her team attach a capital importance to eco-responsible and healthy consumption for the environment.

Through an ecological transition program, we have at your disposal many gorgeous collections of sustainable materials already certified by our suppliers and apply a divine marriage by the treatment of classic materials and those that meet current needs such as the protection of animals, the environment and the reduction of the allergen level of the products.

Always looking closer to nature, for functionality and gracefulness, we work tirelessly to participate in the development of the best materials that meet the criteria of a healthy environment for the interior of your business aircraft, and aesthetic for the pleasure of the eyes.

marie_lise_baron_ecological_transition_program_alpaca_throw_black marie_lise_baron_ecological_transition_program_alpaca
marie_lise_baron_ecological_transition_program_vicuna_scarf_material marie_lise_baron_ecological_transition_program_vicuna
marie_lise_baron_ecological_transition_program_alpaca_throw_chocolate marie_lise_baron_ecological_transition_program_alpaca
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