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Imagine your experience and the beauty of your project when professionalism meets elegance.

Design Team

Marie-Lise and her team specialize in the design of exceptional luxury interiors for a select clientele. Our design team has earned an international reputation for delivering beauty and sophistication to airborne surroundings.

Design Team
We offer a complete and personalized design service supported by a team of experts and experienced engineers of International reputation. We can also work with the engineering team of your choice.

Ecological Transition Program

Every moment is a fresh beginning.
Interior Design
Our talented team of designers will breathe life into your private jet through intelligent placement, furnishings and more.
Design Institute
The International Design Institute of Luxury & Private Jets offers world-class education in the secretive art of high-level private jet design.
In addition to our other services, we offer exceptional private jet design advisory and consultancy.
Exterior Paint Design
Your private jet’s exterior is just as important as the interior. We build sleek designs that accentuate the body and frame of your vehicle.
Our experienced team is responsible for planning, scheduling, baseline and performance control for effective private jet design and modernization.
Globally Acclaimed
We’ve worked with major international manufacturers and are acclaimed for our quality and class of service.
International design institute
of luxury & private jets
The International Design Institute of Luxury and Private Jet is the first and unique formation in the world, founded to offer captivating online education to aspiring Private Jet Designers, to serve the Global Aeronautic Industry and to be specialized in the luxurious world of Private Jet Design services.

The Team

Marie-Lise Baron
Founder & Senior Creative Director
Bruno Miron
Senior Industrial Designer
Engineering & Program Management


Christiane Wendel
Christiane Wendel
Holey Associates, Architecture & Innovation
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“Ms. Baron’s continuity through completion is very important to us! Ms. Baron has been extremely perceptive, responsive and diligent in facilitating the design vision our clients have for their new aircraft and her interface with our firm has been seamless and most enjoyable. She has been integral to what we hope will be an outstanding aircraft and I trust that Bombardier will insure that she continuous to stay involved. You have a wonderful representative and asset in Ms. Baron and we would not hesitate to recommend her highly to other Bombardier customers.”
Robert M. Hoyle
Robert M. Hoyle
President, Hoyle Aerospace Consulting Inc.
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“Please allow me to express my agreement with Ms. Wendel. Ms. Baron has been a welcomed and refreshing addition to the Bombardier Aerospace Completion Team. Her professionalism and positive attitude provided a great comfort to all the members of XXX Confidential Team during the previous eight (8) months. Ms. Baron’s presentations to the Customer and her ability to work closely with their personal home Designer Ms. Wendel, has made the Design Aspect of this project an enjoyable experience for all concerned. On behalf of the entire XXX Aviation Team involved with the Bombardier Global XRS project, we expressing our appreciation for the exceptional support that Ms. Baron has provided. We fear that Ms. Baron’s departure from Bombardier will be a great loss to our specific project and the entire Bombardier Aerospace organization.”
Don Scott
Don Scott
Director of Aviation, Global Management LLC
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“Tallwoood Global Management LLC retained Marie-Lise Baron Design to oversee the completion process of our new Bombardier Global Express XRS. Thanks to Ms. Baron, our Global completion turned out to one of the best ever produced. Tallwood initially hired Marie-Lise for her fantastic design expertise, but it soon became event that she had an ability to manage much more than the design. As the project progressed she took control of the complete interior and paint quality control. Marie-Lise gave her heart and sole to our project, I have never seen any other professional put so much hard work into a project, and treat it as if was her own airplane. I have heard nothing but prize from the people she worked with at Innotech and Bombardier. With her charm, warm personality and humor Marie-Lise worked well with everyone. My job was made much easier knowing I had a person of such high quality overseeing the completion of Tallwood’s new plane. I can whole heartily recommend Marie-Lise Baron Design and will definitely use her service again if the opportunity arises.”
Owner, DS Flight Services
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“I worked on a project with Marie-Lise for one year. So I feel that I have a good insight into her skills and capabilities. As a Designer, she did a fabulous job in capturing the design goals of the project. She listen to our concerns and was able to bring creative ideas to solve our design dilemmas. Marie-Lise is such a warm person with abounding enthusiasm and genuine love for what she does. She truly has a gift for design and is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, courteous and is more than willing to assist with your ideas to make the project perfect. I highly recommend Marie-Lise Baron Design for any project.”
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“As you are aware, Christine and Marie-Lise had an excellent rapport in finalizing the interior design of the aircraft. As a result, I have asked Marie-Lise to continue to work for us as our advisor on all aspects of finishing of the aircraft. We understand you will be appointing a design coordinator within Bombardier and would anticipate they would liaise fully with Marie-Lise on all elements of the project as it progresses. We would expect she would be included in any appropriate meetings and discussions that effect the finishing of our aircraft.
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